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Meet Min-Hi Choi

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My Story

I am a professional violinist, ready to provide beautiful music to a special event. I am not only a seasoned musician but I can also provide clients with music consultations, ready to help every step of the way to bring one's hopes and dreams regarding the musical aspects of one's event to fruition.

I began studying the violin privately at the age of 8, after becoming personally interested in the beauty and versatility of such a challenging instrument. Classically trained initially, I performed in many recitals, steadily moving up the ranks within my first violin teacher’s roster of students, eventually making it to the top of his tier. Also, in the years following, I performed in many orchestras, chamber groups, quartets, as well as in numerous community musical productions. My first wedding gig was a lifetime ago now, in the summer of 1991.

I branched out from the classical music genre when I began crewing on the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater in New York in the spring of 2002. An environmental educational vessel and organization started by Pete Seeger, folk singer and political activist, folk music was firmly steeped in its history. It was during my time there when I first tried my hand at fiddling with my first “easy” fiddle tune, "Ashokan Farewell". Since then, I have expanded my violin repertoire to cover a diverse array of musical genres, allowing me to become an extremely versatile violinist.

I have brought my rich musical background, extensive experience and high quality musical ability together into my current role as a special events violinist. I have also discovered my knack for and find pride in my ability to learn much of my current repertoire by ear. To quote someone who so nicely put it in speaking about what I bring to your special event:

“Experience, quality and an ability to pick up pretty much any song... she offers more than a playlist – she offers everyone’s playlist.”

Make Your Event Unforgettable

Visit my Repertoire And Let's Plan The Perfect Wedding Together

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